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Posted on May 17 2018

Why You Should Make The Move to High Waisted Swimwear | PINKCOLADA

Over the recent years, the practice of shopping for swimwear online has increased and so has the demand for bikini shops online that sell high waisted bikini sets. Luckily at Pinkcolada we always have a wide range of high waisted swimsuits available in a range of summery colors. High waisted bikinis have evolved from being marketed as a niche item, worn only by a select few trendsetters, to becoming a popular style adored by the masses. The popularity of the high waisted swimsuit is now apparent throughout numerous fashion editorials, social media posts from fashion bloggers all over the world, and simply, the increased visibility of the style in real life, on the beach.

 So what has caused the ongoing popularity of high waisted swimwear? There are many factors that have contributed to the continued success of this style, some of the benefits include:


  1. Coverage

With greater coverage that doesn’t compromise appearance, women can always feel comfortable going to the beach, even on their ‘fat days’. Also suitable for those who lean towards more modest styles, showing less skin never felt so good! If you do prefer more coverage we would recommend checking out our Pinkcolada full coverage collection!


  1. Comfort

The most important feature of all - being comfortable in your clothes, and as a result, your skin. No need to suck that tummy in! High waisted swimwear encourages curves and enables you to let loose in material that is generally thicker than other styles, which assists in providing more support. Dance around, jump and swim without having to worry about revealing any loose body parts. All the bikinis you find in our bikini shop online are composed of high quality thick swimwear fabric in order to provide support and a slimming bikini!


  1. Suitable for All Body Types

There is not one specific body type that is appropriate for high waisted swimwear. Thin, plus size, curvy, skinny, tall, short, sporty – this style compliments all shapes and sizes.


  1. Flattering Aesthetic

One of the main benefits of wearing high waisted swimwear is the flattering aesthetic, with the ability to accentuate curves and hide lumps and bumps. Concealing excess body flab by containing your form, this style provides an instant boost of body confidence to the wearer.


So whatever your age, body shape, size or confidence level, high waisted swimwear should be added as an essential part of your summer wardrobe. To make buying high waisted swimwear online easier, at Pinkcolada.com we ensure our online bikini shop is always flowing with a wide range of high waisted bikini sets for you to choose from! It’s an ideal investment, being a style that has been around for millenniums, and definitely won’t be going anywhere!



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